Clinical Outcomes Certificate

A program for health care professionals

Morningside College will offer a post-bachelor’s Clinical Outcomes Certificate starting in the fall of 2014.  All courses will be delivered online over two semesters (fall and spring). This new certificate program is designed for health care professionals with a bachelor’s degree in nursing or related health care field.  Knowledge gained from this certificate will enhance understanding of the health care system and help improve the quality and safety of patient care.

Features of the Clinical Outcomes Certificate

  • Enhances the professional’s expertise in navigating health care policy, utilizing evidence-based practices to improve patient care, and preventing sentinel and "never" events.
  • Develops expertise in implementing strategies that are cost conscious while improving patient outcomes.
  • Builds leadership skills in delivering care that is safer, more efficient and cost-effective to meet the demands of patients, providers, purchasers and payers.
  • Strengthens the professional's ability to critically evaluate health care policy and trends, and utilize evidence-based best practices to make recommendations that balance effectiveness, efficiency, quality and safety. 

Potential applicants

The Clinical Outcomes Certificate is open to all health care providers who are employed or studying in nursing or a related health care field for the past two years and who have a bachelor’s degree.  Possible health care roles may include nurses, social workers, case managers, patient advocates, leaders, risk managers, health planners, etc.


The tuition is $250 a credit hour or $3,000 total for the certificate. For Morningside alumni who enroll for the fall 2014 term,  tuition is $100 per credit hour or $1,200 total for the certificate.  A $300 deposit is required during the application process and will be applied to the total tuition.


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