Assistant Professor

Office: LC 110

Instructor of business administration

Zink has an undergraduate degree in Spanish from Carleton College, an MBA from Regis University in Denver, and earned certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.  With over 20 years of experience working, consulting, and managing in the private and non-profit sectors, she has special interests in leadership, employee productivity, Total Quality Management and ethics.  As an educator, she takes a practical approach in the classroom, cutting through confusion to help students apply business skills directly. 


Zink is gathering data from Morningside College business majors to analyze their workplace values. The study is a longitudinal study that will gather data over a 25-year period.  The goal is to analyze trends over the long term to try and identify the source of changes (if any) and how it relates to business practices. At this point, data has been collected from around 500 students.

In the past year, she presented workshops to students, peers, and the public on using the powerful presentation tool Prezi to replace PowerPoint, on how to write a job-winning resume by including job-transferrable skills, how audience awareness improves writing, how to integrate movies into the classroom, and how to successfully hire the right person every time.