Krone Advising Center

A new way of advising

You won’t find anything quite like it on any other campus:  a comprehensive advising program and dedicated staff focused on meeting the needs of first-year students. We believe that during the important first year of college, you should have specialized help to identify and achieve your personal, academic and professional goals.

Morningside is so committed to this philosophy that we constructed a new building — the Krone Advising Center — to house our team of full-time, professional, first-year advisers. From summer registration all the way through to declaring a major, new students at Morningside can count on this first-year advising team to help lay the groundwork for a successful and gratifying college experience.

Your first-year adviser will help you explore your interests and set goals for college and beyond.  Your adviser is an expert on Morningside’s academic programs and departments. He or she will be a valuable resource to help you map out your four-year graduation plan. The adviser also will guide you through Morningside’s policies and procedures and make certain you know about all the available campus services. With your adviser’s support, you can begin to build important mentoring and networking relationships with other students, Morningside faculty and staff, and even community members. Finally, your first-year adviser prepares you to transition to a faculty adviser in your major.

At Morningside, we take an all-encompassing approach to guiding you down the path to graduation. It includes not just academic advising, but also incorporates career development, internships, extracurricular activities and study abroad. You and the entire campus community will work together as partners to prepare for a successful and enriching life.