May Term

For the love of learning

London May TermMay Term at Morningside College gives students the opportunity to take a class not normally offered. Many courses involve travel both across the US and abroad, while there are also several options for students on campus.

The courses offered during May Term are designed by faculty and allow students to learn about unique topics. On campus May Term classes have included the science of cooking, the mathematics of baseball statistics and much more.

NYC May TermSome of the traveling May Term courses have gone to such places as New York, Hawaii, England, Germany, Ireland and Paris.

The May Term curriculum changes each year and completion of at least one May Term class is required for graduation. Students who are enrolled in the preceding Spring Term may enroll in one May Term course for no tuition, although students who take advantage of a traveling May Term course are required to pay for the cost of the travel.

2017 traveling May Term classes include:

  • The New Berlin: Crossroads of Europe
  • Education in Finland and Sweden
  • Spanish Immersion in Antigua, Guatemala
  • Exploring London
  • Pura Vida! Costa Rica
  • Whitewater and Ocean Kayaking
  • Pens and Paddles in Voyageurs National Park
  • Swamp People: Water Exploration Adventures in the Southeast US

2018 traveling May Term classes include:

  • Japan - Music and Agriculture
  • Mysterious London and Paris
  • Medical Mission Trip - Floating Down the Amazon River in Brazil
  • Exploring Ireland
  • Explore Belize Both on Land and Sea
  • Eugenics Movement - Buffalo, NY and Cold Spring Harbor, NY