Kensly Schuelke ‘17

Waverly, Neb.

Kensly got into her first choice of professional schools to become a physician assistant. That’s a big deal, considering that 500 people applied to the program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center the previous year and less than 60 of them were accepted into the program. It also means that Kensly will be able to take advantage of in-state tuition.

Help getting into professional school.

“I was able to form relationships with my professors. The professor who wrote my letter of recommendation for physician assistant school knew me well, so he was able to write a really great letter. And letters of recommendation are really important.”

Small classes.

“At a bigger school, large class sizes make it hard to even ask a question. In my biology and chemistry classes at Morningside, I was always able to talk to my professor and get help. My professors knew me by name and were able to connect with me. The professors are really friendly, and they want you to succeed.”

Understanding professors.

“Professors work with you. They understand when you can’t be in class because of college-related activities. If you miss a test, then you have to take it the day before. They don’t say, ‘Oh, if you miss class, you’re done.’ They work with you because they understand co-curricular activities are an important part of your college experience.”

Time for fun.

“The professors will make jokes in class. In one of my classes, we were going through the syllabus, and the professor said, ‘If there’s a fire, run!’ They’re funny like that. None of them are scary or intimidating. Another professor does an organic chemistry joke of the week. The faculty try to make it as fun as they can.”

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Meet a Mustang - Kensly Schuelke