Maggie Theiler ‘17

Omaha, Neb.

The summer before her senior year at Morningside, Maggie did an internship on a hospital floor focusing on pediatrics, labor and delivery, and neonatal intensive care. She loved the experience and decided she wants to work with kids at a hospital in Omaha. Her last semester at Morningside, she is completing a 100-hour preceptorship at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha.

A campus where people care.

“I like that I can walk across campus, and between the cafeteria and going to my nursing classes, I can see 10 or 15 people I know. Especially at 7:50 in the morning when you are walking to an 8 a.m. class, you get a nice ‘Hi! Have a good day!’ I love all of the familiar faces and the people you get to know.”

A simulation lab with robotic patient simulators. Check their heartbeat or even deliver a baby.

“You feel like you’re in a hospital when you’re in there. The rooms are very professionally set up. It’s a high-stress situation with low impact. You can make a mistake, and they can stop the simulation. The professor can come out and say, ‘This is what you did wrong, this is what you should do and this is how to handle it.’”

Professors who know what they’re doing.

“Besides the fact that they’re all very intelligent, they know how to help you succeed. They know what it takes to become a very professional nurse. At my doctor’s office in Omaha, the nurses had heard great things and just talked about the quality of nurses that come out of Morningside. It made me a lot more confident in the decision I made to come here and choose the nursing program.”

Every opportunity to succeed.

“If you want a place that’s really going to push you to become the best student, the best nurse and the most competent in your field, then this is the place to come because our professors do everything they can to make sure that the information is sticking with you.”

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Meet a Mustang - Maggie Theiler