Nate Crnkovich '17

Omaha, Neb.

After exploring his options at Morningside, Nate decided he wants to start his nursing career in an emergency room in Omaha. He’s definitely got a foot in the door. His last semester at Morningside, he is completing a 100-hour preceptorship in the emergency department at Omaha’s Creighton University Medical Center. Once he gets some experience, he wants to do travel nursing.

A small campus offering big school opportunities.

“Morningside is in a decently large city, so there are a lot of opportunities, especially for nursing. There are two really good hospitals for clinicals, We’ve also been to other places. We’ve been to Midwest Dialysis. We’ve been to urgent care facilities. They try to make sure that you’re exposed to everything, which is awesome.”

Professors who really care about you.

“They really want you to find the area where you want to work. There are so many different areas in nursing, whether it’s pediatrics, obstetrics or the emergency room. They’re great with helping you figure out what those options are. They always have time to meet with you. Just email them or text them. They’re great about being a friend almost, helping you figure out what you want to do.”

Great preparation for the NCLEX nurse licensing exam.

“Our professors have a lot of experience in the nursing field, so they understand what it takes to become a good nurse and what it takes to pass your NCLEX once you get to that point. The small class sizes also help. You can get a little bit more focused, individualized attention. We’re really lucky for a small school to have as qualified and as good of professors as we do.”

Opportunities to get involved on campus.

“I came to Morningside originally because of football. The program’s just a history of excellence. The year before I came, they made it to the national championship game. The coaches are great. Obviously, my teammates would be the biggest thing I have loved about playing football. I’ve made some of my best friends – lifelong friends – playing football here at Morningside.”

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Meet a Mustang - Nate Crnkovich