Plan for the road ahead

The Morningside College Pathways (MCP) program is designed to encourage, facilitate and support the transfer process for students who begin their higher education journeys at a community college.

We are pleased to launch MCP with our Sioux City neighbor, Western Iowa Tech Community College.

The program is designed so that WITCC students earn their Associate's degrees before transferring to Morningside. Three academic disciplines have been selected for the initiation of the program:

  1. Business & Accounting
  2. Education
  3. Social & Behavioral Sciences

Other areas of study will be considered as the program develops.

To ensure that each MCP transfer student is as "Junior-Year Ready" as possible, the working principles of Early Identification, Early Involvement and Early Commitment are central to the program.

Working with WITCC faculty and staff, qualified students who can benefit from this partnership will be encouraged to apply for the program. Once admitted into the program, the student will receive:

  • An Academic Roadmap that shows the coursework required to stay on track for an on-time graduation.
  • A Financial Plan and Financial Aid Award.

Once committed to MCP, students receive:

  • Access to pertinent Advising and Career Planning tools available to first- and second-year students at Morningside. These will be offered in a combination of on-site and online experiences.
  • Invitations to participate in the myriad of Performing Arts opportunities available at Morningside.
  • A Morningside Academic Advisor and a Peer Mentor who will serve as resources while each MCP student is enrolled at WITCC.

As the time to transfer to Morningside approaches, MCP students will have the opportunity to register for classes and participate in the housing selection process with their rising-junior cohort at Morningside College.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions regarding the program, please contact Amy Williams-Malenosky in the Office of Admissions at (712)274-5552 or

When is the ideal time for me to join the MCP program and why is it important to sign up?

The best time to join MCP is once you complete your first community college semester. It is highly recommended that you enroll in the program no later than the end of your first year at your community college.

MCP is designed to make the transfer process as smooth as possible. This begins with following a prescribed Academic Roadmap that will prepare you for a seamless academic transition into your final two years at Morningside. The sooner you build your community college academic program to match with the Roadmap, the better.

MCP offers an early commitment of admission to Morningside, thus eliminating the need to go through that process at the end of your community college experience. And, we will make an early commitment of financial aid along with helping you plan your higher education financial picture.

Also, MCP offers opportunities to experience some of the programs and workshops that take place during the first two years of a Morningside student's campus life. These include access to career planning tools and workshops, along with regular opportunities to visit the Morningside campus.

Will this new program be open to a currently enrolled community college student?

Students who have completed more than their first year at a partner community college can explore the possibility of joining the MCP program. Morningside will consider these students on a case-by-case basis, helping each student decide if MCP is the best option for them.

Is my decision to participate in the MCP program binding?

No. Although participation in MCP requires a significant commitment of time and effort by you, your community college and Morningside, you may choose to change your academic plans.

Why am I expected to earn my Associate's degree at my community college as part of the MCP program?

MCP is designed to optimize the resources - time, effort and finances - that a student commits to his/her higher education experience. Obtaining an associate's degree will allow you more opportunities in the workforce while you complete your four-year degree.

The program recognizes the strengths of each partner community college and leverages these to each MCP student's advantage. Your future success is the primary goal of both colleges.

What is an Academic Roadmap?

To ensure that each MCP student is academically prepared to enroll as a junior at Morningside, faculty at both insititutions have collaboratively created a specific academic plan that spells out the courses you need to complete for the complete MCP program - i.e., the Acadmic Roadmap.

By following the Roadmap, you are guaranteed transfer credit, junior-year status and a timely completion of your undergraduate degree program.

What financial aid commitment will Morningside make to me?

In addition to the generous scholarship opportunities available to transfer students, full time MCP students will receive a $2,000 annual MCP scholarship when they enroll at Morningside.

In an effort to make the transition easy for MCP students, the Morningside Office of Student Financial Planning will develop a Financial Plan that will assist each student in understanding how best to optimize available resources to invest in his or her college education.

What financial aid forms are required as I prepare to enter Morningside?

MCP students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15 in the spring before you plan to enroll at Morningside College.

What Morningside resources are available to me as an MCP student?

Morningside faculty, staff and current students are available to MCP students. The MCP contact person in the admissions office will assist you and your questions will be answered and/or referred to the appropriate resource at the college.

After each semester, your grade reports will be checked to make sure that expected progress is being made; adjustments will be made as necessary. You will register for your first set of Morningside classes with your rising-junior student cohort.

Through Morningside's Krone Advising Center, transition-to-college and career planning tools and services will be available, both online and on-site.

MCP students receive an early commitment of financial aid and financial counseling is available on an ongoing basis.

MCP students interest in living on-campus will select their rooms with their rising-junior cohort.

How will I be informed about MCP opportunities at Morningside while I am attending my community college?

Morningside will be in regular contact with you throughout your time at your community college.

You will receive applicable emails and text messages. You will also have access to the college's activities calendar.

As I prepare to enter Morningside, will I be required to submit an application for admission?

No. Your application to the MCP program serves as your Morningside College application.

You will have to request a "Statement of Good Standing" from an official at your community college - often the dean of student life or director of student services - which indicates that you have remained in good social standing while enrolled there.

What are my responsibilities as an MCP student?

As an MCP student, you give your community college permission to share your semester grade reports with Morningside. You are also expected to complete the required financial aid forms in the spring before your transition to the Morningside College campus.

Other than that, you have many opportunities to get to know the Morningside community and prepare to make a smooth transition into the upper class higher ed experience, opportunities of which we strongly recommend taking advantage of.

When will I register for my first set of Morningside classes?

MCP students will register online with an advisor during an MCP Registration Session in the spring before you transfer to Morningside College.

At that time, advisors will walk students through the process of registration and familiarize you with the Morningside College registration process.

Since my community college is a partner with Morningside, am I required to participate in the MCP program if I am considering transferring to Morningside?

No. MCP is a special program designed for those students who are interested in making a transfer commitment at an early stage of their community college experience to a specific Morningside program.

At many partner institutions the academic program pathways are limited. At the same time, Morningside will consider students from partner community college who wish to be considered as a transfer student through the traditional process.

What about dual enrollment credits I earned while in high school?

Morningside recognizes all appropriate level coursework on each student's community college transcript.

While credits from dual enrollment programs might be transferred in, their applicability to the courses outlined in the Academic Roadmap will be assessed to determine what course requirements still need to be met.

Who is my Morningside contact person while I am a student at my community college?

Cindy Kinney in the Office of Admissions serves as MCP's contact person. She will refer your question to other MCP team members - faculty and staff - as necessary. She can be reached at 712-274-5190 or