Restrictions and Verification

Regarding your Award Letter

Please note that the Award Letter and/or Financing Your Morningside College Education form specifies the enrollment status and living arrangements used to determine financial need and the aid that a student is eligible for.
Any changes in enrollment or living arrangements at any time before or during the award year should be reported to the Office of Student Financial Planning.  Awards may need to be adjusted depending upon the changes made.

Students who move off campus prior to earning 91 or more credits may have their Morningside Grant, Achievement Award, Federal SEOG Grant, Work Study, and/or Perkins Loan Awards reduced by up to half of the room and board allowance.
Typically, half of the financial aid amount listed on the award letter will be deducted from the student account balance during the fall semester and half of the amount will be deducted during the spring semester.

Private scholarships are applied to the student account balance when received.

Work Study is issued to the student in the form of direct deposit or debit card payment after the student has worked and earned the funds. See more details under the Federal Awards section of our Website.


Morningside College is required by federal regulations to verify parent and student income along with family size and number of family members currently enrolled at institutions of higher learning.

Morningside College reserves the right to verify information provided by all financial aid recipients. Financial aid eligibility will not be finalized until all requested documentation is received, including federal tax returns and completed verification forms (provided by the Student Financial Planning Office).

If the number of family members enrolled at institutions of higher learning changes at any time during the year, such changes must be reported to the Office of Student Financial Planning.

In order to equitably distribute institutional funds, Morningside College reserves the right to verify the enrollment of family members attending different institutions, usually in December. If a discrepancy occurs between the number of family members reported to be enrolled at the time the financial aid application is completed and the number actually enrolled (at least half time for one semester), institutional grants may be affected.

If information is not submitted to the Office of Financial Planning, Federal, State, and some Morningside College assistance cannot be given to the student.


Please contact our Financial Aid Office at 1-800-831-0806, x5159, or send an email to