Reid Rosen

When Reid Rosen 2013 first came to college, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do for a career. So he took advantage of the opportunity to try several different things while he was a student a Morningside.

"My family has always been in agriculture, but I wasn't sure I wanted to do ag until I got to Morningside and had the opportunity to do an internship with Tyson," Reid said. "I worked in the Dakota Dunes office, and I had a great boss and a great opportunity there.

"From there, it really took off," he said. "I worked for Tyson for two years, American Foods Group for a year, and then Security National Bank, just to change it up a little bit. Now I actually am back in the ag industry, but I'm in the row crops business."

Reid currently manages a third of the inventory for Rosen's Inc., a company specializing in crop production products. He said he learned a lot in college that he uses as a business director for Rosen's.

"The nice thing about Morningside, it's a small school," he said. "You constantly have to communicate because you have presentations. You work with small groups. You have one-on-one interactions with your professors. You just learn a lot about communication and people."

Reid's first major task at Rosen's was to work with a team to price 2,200 different products. He was proud that his team got prices out to customers in record time.

"It's kind of the barometer for what your year is going to be like," he said. "It was really exciting to see that even before the year had started, we were on track to have a better year than the year previous."

Rosen's went on to have a record year for earnings.