15 Things Students NEED to do Before Graduating Morningside College

April 14, 2019, in Profiles, Latest News

Submitted by Ally Hecht, a Morningside College junior majoring in Gender and Legal Studies with minors in Sociology, Philosophy, & Political Science.


As seniors approach their final weeks on campus, we are reminded of our most influential Morningside experiences. With that in mind, here are 15 things that Mustangs believe all students NEED to experience before graduation.


1. Study on the Balcony of Buhler Rholfs

2. Attend an Event Outside your Comfort Zone
Whether that be a guest speaker or slam poet, students should try to attend an event outside their comfort zone. Senior Jackson Allen notes, “Morningside students should go to an event that they might not usually go to, because they may find they enjoy it more than they previously believed.”

3. Investigate the Ghost Stories of Eppley, Charles City, and Dimmitt.

4. Paint the Spoonholder
One of the most important traditions on Morningside campus is painting the Spoonholder. Junior Kailyn Robert believes that “everyone should paint the Spoonholder because it’s your way to leave a permanent mark on campus."

5. Attend Hanging of the Greens

6. Eat at La Juanitas
La Juanitas is a local taco joint that is always hopping with Morningside students. Senior Aggie Mullen thinks that all Morningside students need to try La Juanitas because “it allows students to interact with the community while also supporting a local small business.”

7. Visit Morningside's Community Garden

8. Sled on the Hill
In the winter months, Morningside is a prime location for sledding. Freshman Karie Klingensmith finds Morningside sledding to be a “thrilling” experience filled with “great bonding.”

9. Star Gaze on Bass Field

10. Join Clubs
Morningside has numerous clubs for people with different interests. Junior, Emily Houlsworth says, “[clubs] are where you meet people who have similar beliefs or interests, so it’s a great place to make friends.”

11. Attend Into the Streets

12. Participate in an Arts Program
Whether it’s choir or ceramics, Morningside has numerous opportunities for students to be involved in arts. Freshman Patrick Malnaa says that art programs allow students to “make friends that will last a lifetime” while also gaining an “unique experience.”

13. Feed a Famous Morningside Squirrel

14. Take a Class Outside Major Requirements
Sophomore Sterling Stecker believes that students should take a class outside of their major. He says, “It doesn’t have to be something difficult or easy but something that you would like to learn might end up changing your life.”

15. Swim in the Fountain


So Mustangs, what are you going to do before May 11?