Alumni Spotlight: Chris Wright, Organizational Management (Bachelor's Completion Program) '19

July 12, 2019, in Profiles, Latest News

Chris Wright is a recent alumnus of Morningside’s Organizational Management program, which is an 100% online bachelor’s degree completion option design for adults.

Chris Wright, 34

Organizational Management ‘19
Bondurant, IA
Quality Assurance Analyst
Enjoys playing softball, basketball, golfing with his wife, and attending concerts (mostly country)
Previous education: AA degree from Iowa Lakes Community College

“I was/am a full-time employee that had not been taken a college course in over 10 years. I was nervous but knew graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree was an important goal of mine. If it’s an important goal of yours, then go for it! You won’t regret it and it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!” – Chris Wright



Talk about what it was like starting the program.
I began the Organizational Management program a couple weeks after my wedding. My wife was very supportive of my decision to go back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree. For our first year of marriage I spent a lot of nights doing homework and writing papers, she never complained. She supported me and encouraged me to keep going. Without the support from my wife, Jess, and all of my family, I wouldn’t have completed the program.


How did you learn about the Organizational Management program at Morningside College?
I was searching for schools that offered degree completion via online. I did not want to do it through a college for-profit (Phoenix and others like that). I had actually found a college in Kansas that I was ready to start with, but did one last search and found Morningside offered the best program for me.


What made you want to earn your bachelor’s degree?
I’ve always wanted to complete my bachelor’s degree. I always made excuses as to why I couldn’t do it. Finally, with the support of my wife and family, I decided now was the perfect time. I knew I’d need it if I were going to keep moving up the ladder.


What about Morningside’s program was appealing to you?
The eight-week courses offered 100% online were the most appealing thing to me. It is set up in a way that students can complete their degree in 18 months or less. That was another reason I feared completing my degree; I thought it would take three to four years to complete.


Was there a time when you thought completing the program wasn’t possible?
Yes, in fact it was during my first class in the program. I was taking Organizational Behavior and we were tasked with writing a research paper. Part of the research and writing included an annotated bibliography. I misunderstood what I needed to research and therefore did not do the assignment correctly. The professor reached out to me to via phone so she could explain to me what I needed to do and also told me not to worry. She told me not to stress over one assignment and now that I was on the right track she was confident I would do well on the paper. I ended up getting an A in the class. If she would not have reached out to me to calm my nerves, I may have given up at that moment. After that, I knew choosing Morningside was the best choice.


What would you say to encourage someone who is thinking about earning their bachelor’s degree?
Do it! Morningside is a great place to accomplish such an important life goal. This program is set up perfectly for the working adult.


Any pro study tips or good intel you have picked up during the program to share with future students?
It sounds simple but just do the reading that the professors assign and you should never feel overwhelmed. Most of the students in the program are older and have more life experience. By now we know shortcuts don’t work. Had I just done what my professors asked of me when I was 20 years old, I may have finished my degree then. But I’m thankful I am now graduating from Morningside!