Faces of Mside: Sheri Hineman and Zac Pace – Residence Life

December 11, 2018, in Profiles

Home sweet Morningside! Sheri and Zac, along with the help of student resident assistants provide TONS of opportunities to meet new people, have fun, and make the most out of your new home at Morningside! Residence life can provide some of the best memories in your college experience so don’t miss out!

FUN FACT: There are 2,000 residence life activities per year!

Top housing questions from new students: When will I know who my roommate is? Typically incoming students will know who their roommate is by the third week in June. What size sheets do I need? – Twin XL

How we make students feel at home: We work closely with our student staff (RAs) to ensure we're fostering a meaningful and dynamic community so students can tangibly feel the benefits of living on campus. Residence life also oversees activities and events in the residence halls, so we’re constantly asking students for feedback on what they would like to be participating in and then working to help make it happen! We also make sure students have the opportunity to see the types of residence halls before moving in, which allows them to know what to bring to make their room their new home.

Benefits of living in the residence halls: Getting to know other new students, being close to classes and activities, and having supportive and resourceful RAs to learn from and connect with.

Why we love working with Morningside students: Morningside students bring so much energy and excitement to campus each day! Every single student has a different story and a different way of sharing that story with others. We really enjoy watching students develop and mature over the course of their time here and being able to have conversations with them about their journey.

Need help? Have questions? Here is how to reach us!
(712) 274-5161
Office located in the lower level of the Olsen Student Center