Morningside College presents Dr. William C. Yockey Assessment Awards

December 5, 2017, in Latest News

Claxton Jairam LaPaglia

Three Morningside College faculty members and one academic program have received the Dr. William C. Yockey Assessment Awards, which annually recognize outstanding efforts to improve student learning at Morningside.

Faculty members who received awards for courses they teach were Dr. Shannon Claxton, assistant professor of psychology, for her course Elementary Probability and Statistics; Dr. Dharma Jairam, assistant professor of education, for his graduate education course Interpreting and Reporting Educational Research; and Dr. Jessica LaPaglia, assistant professor of psychology, for her course Cognitive Psychology.

The Morningside College Graduate Program in Education received a department/program award in recognition of the program’s efforts to assess and improve student learning. Graduate program in education faculty during the 2016-2017 academic year included Dr. Steven Gates, professor of education and chair of the program; Dr. Kim Christopherson, associate professor and educational technologist; Dr. Dharma Jairam, assistant professor of education; and Dr. Earle Knowlton, professor of education.

A $2,500 cash prize is included with each award, which covered assessment of student learning conducted at Morningside during the 2016-2017 academic year.  Dr. Joel Frederickson, associate dean of institutional assessment and accreditation and chair of the psychology department at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn., served as outside evaluator for the awards.

The family of the late Dr. William C. Yockey, a 1949 Morningside graduate and a chemistry professor at the college for more than 30 years, established the awards in his name.