Morningside College professors give poster presentations at psychology conference

March 8, 2019, in Latest News, Psychology

Two Morningside College psychology professors recently gave poster presentations at the Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Annual Conference on Teaching in Phoenix, Ariz.

Shannon Claxton’s poster was “Making Death Easier to Discuss: Activities to Facilitate Conversations about Death and Dying in a Developmental Psychology Course.” It reviewed three activities used in her Lifespan Development class at Morningside College. These activities encouraged reflection on the ethical and practical issues surrounding end-of-life care.

Jessica LaPaglia’s poster was “Student Perceptions of Course Gamification #Winning.” It explained how concepts from gaming are becoming popular teaching tools in higher education. In her presentation, she showed how class participation and course ratings improved through the use of gamification in her courses.

Claxton joined the faculty at Morningside College in 2015.  She has a doctorate in experimental psychology from Kent State University.

LaPaglia joined the faculty at Morningside College in 2013. She holds a doctorate in psychology from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.