Experiencing Morningside: Nic Madsen

October 22, 2018, in Profiles

Class of ‘19

Business Administration major

Le Mars, IA

Why Business?

I love the people aspect. I’m definitely a people person, and I love talking. Getting to meet with different people everyday and always have it be a little different is what I really like. Business is so broad, but there’s so much potential too. Some majors have their predetermined paths, but with Business, it’s a road where you don’t know where you’re going. You can pick an idea like marketing, accounting, finance, or whatever, and it can lead to so many different things.

What’s great about Morningside’s Business Department?

What I like about our Business Department is all the faculty really do care about you and want you to succeed. They will do anything for you. Our Business faculty knows everybody. It’s scary how many connections they have. I hope I have that many connections someday.

What’s your dream job after college?

I work at a commercial real estate firm called NAI United in Dakota Dunes after interning there all summer. I think my dream job would be to own my own commercial real estate firm in Sioux City, but you gotta start somewhere and get your foot in the door. I like the idea of owning my own business and being my own boss. I’d love to coach on the side too, since I’ve gotten so much from being in sports.

What’s your best Morningside experience so far?

I took a May Term in Ireland, and it really opened up my perspective. It was focused on culture, cuisine, and literature. We pretty much just toured Ireland and learned its history. The nightlife was crazy, and I really became diversified due to the culture. I think everybody should try and take a travel May Term. It’s a great part of the experience Morningside can give you.

What are you doing when you’re not in class?

I’m involved in a lot on campus. I’m in wrestling, which is originally what brought me to Morningside. It’s kept me very focused and goal-oriented. I’m also a Business peer mentor, so I work with freshman and sophomores coming into the Business Department. Entrepreneurship group has been so much fun too. I’m also a Residential Assistant, Student Ambassador, and part of ODK.

Where’s your favorite place to be on campus?

I really like the Skywalk in Buhler Rolfs and the pool room in the HPER.

Advice to Freshmen?

Go to class. You’re not going to be successful if you don’t go to class. Spend time filling out scholarship forms too. Try and do a couple every week. It pays off.

Favorite Quote

“Through blood sweat and tears I am unstoppable.” - Anthony Robles

Fun Fact

I’m a big classic car guy. It’s something that I do with my dad, and we go to a lot of car shows. I have an old  1976 Chevy Pickup, but my dream car would be a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. Black and red.


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