Professor has lecture published, edits two books

March 9, 2018, in Philosophy, Latest News

Heather Reid, professor of philosophy at Morningside College, recently had her award lecture published and she edited two books.

Reid had her Warren P. Fraleigh Distinguished Scholar Award lecture, “Why Olympia Matters for Modern Sport,” published in the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport. She received the distinguished scholar award from the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport.

With Eric Moore, she edited “Reflecting on Modern Sport in Ancient Olympia,” a book of papers from a conference of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport at the International Olympic Academy in Greece.

With Davide Tanasi and Susi Kimbell, she edited “Politics and Performance in Western Greece,” a book of essays from a variety of disciplines that offers a new outlook on the ancient cultural interactions of politics and performance in Western Greece.

Reid is a specialist in ancient philosophy and the philosophy of sport. A member of the Morningside faculty since 1996, she received her master’s degree and doctorate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.