Experiencing Morningside: Sofia Marrufo Cedeno

September 27, 2018, in Profiles

Biology and Spanish major / Studio Art minor


Why Biology and Spanish?

Spanish is my language and I feel comfortable when I speak it. It’s beautiful and I love to study it.

Biology is my passion. It always has been. It doesn’t matter what country I study it or what culture I’m around, it’s the same.

What’s your dream job after college?

I want to go to dental school then be an orthodontist.

What’s your best Morningside experience so far?

My best experience would be working at the advising center. I started working there the first week I got here and it was just a place where I felt at home and at the same time I was helping other students feel welcome.

What do you love most about Morningside?

There are a lot of opportunities for anyone to be involved. It’s very easy to feel like part of something.

What are you doing when you’re not in class?

I’m the president of the International Students Association. It keeps me busy. I lead all of the weekly meetings. It’s very fun and we get to meet a lot of people from different places. Our goal is to educate others on all of the cultures we have around and how cool it is to know them.

Where’s your favorite place to be on campus?

I love the Maccollin art and music building. I love it because you go through the halls and you hear different people either singing or the band practicing. It’s pretty cool to study there.

Anything you wish that you knew before you got to college?

I’m an International student, and I wish I would have known that it was going to be very easy to adapt to being here. I was so afraid of coming here and thought I was going to be an outsider. It wasn’t like that at all. Everyone was so nice and I felt so welcome here.

Advice to International students considering Morningside?

I would say please come because you’re going to be absolutely welcomed. There’s going to be a lot of chances for you to be involved, whether you’re an athlete or not. I would say come and have the experience because it’s awesome.

Favorite Quote

“No hay ser humano, por cobarde que sea, que no pueda convertirse en héroe por amor.” Which translates in English to: “There is no human being, no matter how coward, that cannot become a hero for love.”

Fun Fact

I practiced classic ballet all my life. I’m actually a professional and certified to do classes.


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