Residence Life Staff

Residence Life Staff is made up of the following.

  • Resident Assistants “RAs” are returning students who have received training to assist the resident student body.  They live on every floor of the traditional residence halls. They organize activities to help you get to know the people living on your floor, they develop programs to educate you about the resources available on campus, and they are there to listen and serve as a mentor if you are struggling. They also are there to enforce campus policies and to respond to any crisis that might come up.
  • Apartment Managers “AMs” are similar to RAs but live in the Waitt, Poppen, Lags apartments or Garretson Houses.  They serve the residents of these areas.
  • Head Residents “HRs” or Head Apartment Manager “HAM” are upper-class students who have been an RA or an AM.  HRs are leaders who manage the RA or AM staff and provide an additional level of experience to program for and respond to resident student needs.  There are HRs/HAM in every traditional residence hall and in the apartments.
  • Professional Staff or Area Coordinators “ACs” are fulltime staff of the College who live on campus and provide leadership and structure for the student staff.  Professional staff oversee a building or area, as well as, another area of student life.    Other areas include student activities, student government, wellness, housing management, and the student post office.